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The above video by Eveden is a great introduction to some bra fitting problems and some solutions.  Keep in mind though  that unless you can conveniently visit a fitting room can you be sure you will be properly fit?  Even if the fitter actually has the expertise to be able to determine your correct size they may not even have your correct size in stock.  Many "fitters" will try and fit you in a size they will proclaim is a "proper fit" even though you know very well it doesn't fit at all!  We offer a service no one else offers.  You simply visit my fitting page do your best measuring yourself with a helper if possible, answer the questionnaire and send it to me. Simple and quick.  I will email you back with your size in British Bras and guide you to my eBay store. 

British Lace Bras offers a great selection of "big cup" bras from the top British bra makers Fantasie, Freya and Panache. Big cup British Lace Bras offer small band bras along with bras with bigger bra cups for a proper bra fitting you can't get in a  typical department store bra. Extra large bra sized T-shirt bras, swimwear, sports bras as well large cup Fantasie and Panache strapless bras are available. We specialize in T-shirt bras for the slimmer figure and larger cup sizes for large breasts from Fantasie, Freya and Panache. Please browse our British Lace Bras eBay store and e-mail us for advice at info@britishlace.com . We look forward to helping you find a bra that really fits! Fantasie is our main bra line and we devote most of our eBay store to the incredible Fantasie bras. If your under-bust measures between 25 inches and 35 inches and you can't find a cup size to fit anywhere, we have the bras for you!

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Beautiful British Bras to Fit Sizes: 

28C  28D  28DD  28E  28F  28FF  28G  

30C  30D  30DD  30E  30F  30FF  30G  30GG  30H  30HH  30J  30JJ

32C  32D  32DD  32DDD  32E  32F  32FF  32G  32GG  32H  32HH  32J  32JJ 32K

34C  34D  34DD  34DDD  34E  34F  34FF  34G  34GG  34H  34HH  34J  34JJ 34K

36C  36D  36DD  36DDD  36E  36F  36FF  36G  36GG  36H 36HH 36J 36JJ 36K

 38C  38D  38DD  38DDD  38E  38F  38FF  38G  38GG  38H 38HH  38J  38JJ  38K

Not all sizes are available in all models - contact us for availability 

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Bras and Bra Fitting

About 95% of our customers who are contacting us for the first time are wearing the wrong size bra. Once they have found the right size bras they feel like a new woman.

Please see below for a list of common problems and their solutions.

The band at the back of the bra rides up.
The band of the bra is too big
You need a bra with a smaller back size.

Under wire digging in under the armpit.
Your cup is too small, the under wire should encase the breast not dig into it.
You need a bra with a bigger cup size.

Indents in the shoulder where the straps have dug in.
Your bra is too big in the back and not big enough in the cup, this is causing you to pull the straps up too tight for support.
You need a bra, which is smaller in the back & bigger in the cup.

Breasts falling out of the bottom of under wire.
The band of your bra is too big and the Cup is too small.
You need a bra which is smaller in the back and bigger in the cup.

Bumpy silhouette under clothes.
Cup encasing breast is too small and so causes breast to overspill.
You need to increase your cup size, until you have a smooth silhouette.


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British bra sizes are different and do not compare to any American brand bras and do not fit like any bras you are probably accustomed to. The BEST way to know what your size is likely to be in this bra is to send me your measurements and other requested information before you bid or "Buy It Now" to make sure this bra has a good chance of fitting YOU. You Can Visit My Fitting Page HERE


If you wear a 34DD, 34DDD, 36D, 36DD, 36DDD or too large a band size just so you can have cups that fit, then you have come to the right Ebay store! Don't put up with cups that are too small and a band-size that is too big! I specialize in fitting slim and endowed women in the best fitting bras they have ever worn and at below retail on top quality bras from England. Contact me with your needs and I will do my best to find the right bras for you!


All the bras sold at British Lace Bras located at BRITISH LACE BRAS are imported from England and are absolutely the highest quality bras you can find from any bra manufacturer. Fantasie of England's designers noticed that most bras were constructed by using a two section cup which caused problems when other designers tried to offer larger cup sizes. To achieve a larger cup size range the designers frequently use a more expensive three section cup, which facilitates adding shape and capacity to the bra cup. Because most of the support from a bra should come from the under-band and not from the shoulder straps, Fantasie uses a strong 'Power-Net' fabric in the side section of their bras. On the largest cup size bras sizes a soft 'bone' is added to the side panels to reinforce the bra band and help keep the bust forward while preventing the sides from curling. Another fine detail that Fantasie of England adds to all their bras is the use of 'restricted stretch' straps. This means the straps will stretch to allow for comfortable movement but will not slip off the shoulder as rigid bra straps often do. Restricted stretch also reduces the bounce that occurs with regular elastic bra straps.

If you have had plastic surgery to enlarge your breasts you will need a properly fitting bra to conserve your surgical investment for the years to come. Gravity is a cruel thing but will follow you and your new breasts everywhere. The use of a quality under wire Fantasie, Freya or Panache bra is the best guarantee you have to keep your plastic surgery investment well into your later years.      I recommend you never go without the support of a quality bra it's just too expensive in many ways.

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